History of Asbury United Methodist Church



The History of Asbury United Methodist Church

For years there was only one Methodist Church in Ada. On July 4th 1895, the Methodist Episcopal Church South was organized in a little old one-room log school house on the corner of North Hickory and West Second Street. There were twenty-two charter members. A Union Sunday School was organized and met every Sunday. Rev Lyles from Stonewall rode over once a month to preach. The next four years the ministers from this area who were Circuit Riders served the church.

Rev. S.D. Wasson 1896 - 1897
Rev. C.G. Hall 1897 - 1898
Rev. D.D. Mullins 1898 - 1899
Rev. H.B. Scruggs 1899 - 1902

In 1899 the Ada Circuit was formed at Annual Conference. Rev. W.H. Nettles, one of the charter members was appointed in 1902 to be a Circuit Rider. The first regular pastor was Rev. W.A. Shelton in 1900. He was instructed by the Conference to reorganize and build at 121 West Fifteenth Street a church that was to become First Methodist Church.

In 1907 three lots were purchased at Sixth and Johnston and the old First Methodist Church building was moved there, where a new church was organized. This church was named Asbury Methodist Church, a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South denomination. The new church was included in the First Methodist's budget for several years as a mission project.

During the 1920s, this building was badly damaged by a fire and a tabernacle was used to worship in until a new church was built. In the 1950s a new sanctuary was built and the old building was remodeled for an education building and fellowship hall.

Denominational History brought change to Asbury.  April 26, 1939, the Uniting Conference began in Kansas City, Missouri, to bring together the Methodist Episcopal Church, the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, and the Methodist Protestant Church to form the Methodist Church. Asbury's denominational ties to the Methodist Episcopal Church, South became know as the Methodist Church, which Asbury would take it's name as Asbury Methodist Church.  

On April 23, 1968, a new denomination was born. The United Methodist Church was created by the joining of The Evangelical United Brethren Church, and The Methodist Church, two major Christian traditions with distinguished histories and influential ministries in various parts of the world. Asbury would change its name later that year to reflect the connection within the new "United Methodist Church."

In the mid 1980s a new sanctuary was built that is still in use today. In addition a new parsonage was built in the mid 1990s and the old parsonage was torn down and a new parking lot was built in its place.
The old sanctuary and fellowship hall that was left was torn down in the late 1990s and plans were made for a new Family Life Center. Through much sweat and prayers we began using the new building in September of 2004.

During the building process of the Family Life Center, an old church down the street from Asbury was purchased and donated by a long time member of the church. There we held Adult Sunday School classes, VBS, and all other fellowship dinners and specials.

The Present Asbury United Methodist Congregation is only a small part of this church. There have been thousands pass through the doors of Asbury since it was organized. They have gone on to be the Church. We regret there is not time or no way to know where they are or to name all of them but remember Malachi said the Lord told him "They that loved the Lord spoke often to one another and the Lord heard it and a Book of Remembrance was written for them that loved the Lord and thought upon His name".

We know that a great many men and women have left a trail of tears, love light, understanding and inspiration for us to continue to pass on to those who follow after us here at Asbury. Ours is a great heritage!


Pastors Who have Served Over the last 100 Years

Rev. A.M. Dupree 1909 - 1912
Rev. Wade W Johnson 1912 - 1913
Rev. R.E. Early 1913 - 1914
Rev, B.F. Stegall 1914 - 1920
Rev. R.E. Brothers 1920 - 1922
Rev. A.H. Ogle 1922 - 1923
Rev. S.H. Crockett 1923 - 1925
Rev. L.B. Trone 1925 - 1928
Rev. W.E. Bowers 1928 - 1930
Rev. E.W. Bonner 1930 - 1931
Rev. G.T. Martin 1931 - 1932
Rev. Q.L. Peek 1932 - 1933
Rev. L.W. Cronin 1933 - 1934
Rev. E.W. Banner 1934 - 1935
Rev. Wesley Martin 1935 - 1936
Rev. C.B. Holland 1936 - 1941
Rev. Harvey Hulan 1941 - 1945
Rev. A.A. Pucket 1945 - 1948
Rev. A.W. Oliver 1948 - 1953
Rev. W.E. West 1953 - 1957
Rev. E.J. Chedester 1957 - 1958
Rev. John Paul King 1958 - 1961
Rev. David Parker Jr. 1961 - 1964
Rev. Clair Payette 1964 - 1968
Rev. Kerney Graham Jr. 1968 - 1972
Rev. Raymond Shepard 1972 - 1973
Rev. George Palmer 1973 - 1978
Rev. Guy Ames III 1978 - 1983
Rev. Bob Langston 1983 -1988
Rev. Bill Lutrell 1988 - 1990
Rev. Michael Strange 1990 - 1992
Rev. AI Potts 1992 - 1998
Rev. Rick Connelly 1998 - 2001
Rev. Jack Kemper 2001 - 2006
Rev. Carol Reich 2006 - 2008
Rev. L.Don Griffin 2009 - 2011
Rev. Temple Diehl 2011- 2014
Rev. Linda Luscina 2014-2015
Rev. Dr. Travis Muse 2015 - 2024